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Services Offered by Dr Tom Iwanowski Endodontics clinic of Gatineau


Endodontic Expertise

Before any treatment is rendered, an accurate diagnosis of the problem must be made. In his 22 years of endodontic experience Tom Iwanowski understands that along with a detailed clinical examination, a detailed patient interview is of utmost importance. Diagnoses can often be made by interviewing patients and listening to their chief complaints. Here is a list of the services available at Dr Iwanowski’s clinic in Gatineau:



-Root canal treatment

-Canal retreatment


-Control radiography (free follow-up)


Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal treatments are probably the most poorly understood of all dental treatments and often the most feared.


First of all root canal treatments are not painful if proper anaesthesia and proper clinical techniques are used.


Dr Iwanowski will provide effective and profound local anaesthesia to perform the treatment without any pain. Also he will ensure that the treatment is done expertly and quickly. Nobody wants to stay in a dental chair for too long.


Root canal treatments are highly effective in conserving your natural teeth. However as with any medical or dental procedure a good result requires that the treatment be done properly.


What Is A Root Canal?

Inside every tooth is a space that contains the pulp tissues (nerves) of the tooth. This space is called the root canal space. The number of spaces or canals vary with the type of tooth. Front teeth usually have one or two canals and back teeth may have three, four or five.


What Is A Tooth Nerve?

The soft tissues inside the root canal spaces are called Dental Pulp Tissues. They are also called the Nerves of the teeth. Along with nerves there are also blood vessels and connective tissues. These nerves are essential in the formation of the developing tooth. If these root canal spaces and the pulp tissues become contaminated with bacteria from saliva inflammation, infection and pain can develop. Bacteria can enter into these spaces via cavities, leaks in fillings or cracks in teeth.


What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is a treatment in which the root canal spaces of a tooth are cleaned, disinfected and filled. The infected or inflamed pulp tissues are removed during this process. This treatment is highly effective and if followed up with a proper dental filling or crown the tooth can remain comfortable and functional for many years.


Why Do I Need a Root Canal Specialist (Endodontist)?

Although the concept of cleaning, disinfecting and filling the root canal spaces of a tooth seems to be simple, in actual fact the internal anatomy of teeth may be extremely complicated and therefore the treatment may be very difficult. As an endodontist Dr. Iwanowski has a specific skill set that he has developed over many years of practice that allows him to do even the most complicated root canal treatments with relative ease. Imagine a skilled tradesperson who specializes in installing dry wall. Chances are that with years of experience this person will become very competent at his work. Most people that attempt such work on occasion, even if they are well equipped will probably not be able to achieve the same results as the specialist.


What Is A Root Canal Retreatment?

Root canal treatments although highly successful may sometimes fail. Failure usually means that there is an infection still present. This may managed by redoing a previously done root canal treatment.


In general this treatment is recommended if the tooth in question is serviceable and can support a good restoration afterwards.


Essentially the old root canal filling and any posts within the tooth are removed. Any deficiencies in the previous treatment are corrected and the tooth is again cleaned, disinfected and filled.


Your dentist will then decide on the appropriate type of restoration (filling or crown) that you will require.


What Is Periapical Surgery (Apicoectomy)?

In some cases an infection may occur that cannot be treated with root canal retreatment. In these cases an infection may be managed with a minor dental surgery called Apicoectomy. Essentially this means removal of the apex or tip of the root which is the cause of the infection. A filling called a retrograde filling is usually placed in the tip of the root. This procedure requires an incision in the gums adjacent to the tooth. Healing is generally uneventful and most people return to work the next day.

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